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Unleash Insane Productivity & Focus to Crush Your Dreams, Elevate your Finances, & Live from Passion


Life on Fire helps you achieve your most aspirational professional goals while making more time for people & passions that truly light you up.

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"Working with Delaney has been life changing. His flow state approach has me accomplishing more in a morning than I used to all day long. I've seen my business grow tremendously, I'm less stressed, and my relationships have never been stronger."

Cassidy Kallenborn


"Delaney got me on his '15 hour Power Day'. At first I was skeptical and thought I'd burn out... but he showed me that when you make time to pursue what you love you can get WAY more done without wrecking your mental health. My real estate business has done an extra $20,000 this month, I'm way fitter than I used to be, and I've never felt more confident in my future"

Corey King

Real Estate Business Owner

Are you struggling to find the time & motivation to reach your ambitious professional goals without sacrificing your internal wellbeing & passions?

I get it! It’s not your fault. I’m here to help. 


I've combined the most powerful elements of leading peak performance tools, deep 1:1 accountability & self-service digital systems to empower massive transformation for my clients.

Life on Fire is a ‘Flow State’ based peak performance coaching program for leaders & entrepreneurs struggling with discipline, consistency & lack of clarity.

"I'm literally so stoked that l I found Life on Fire when I did. I've saved hundreds of hours of lost time from procrastination & distraction in the last 6 months alone. Over the course of my career there is no doubt that this will save me tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunity."

Graham Z, Clinical Research Coordinator

How does Life on Fire work?

Life on Fire has three main elements that help you achieve your goals.


Dynamic Group Coaching

Over twelve weeks, you’ll be guided by peak performance expert Delaney to get you to where you want to go— and even farther. My system will help you see real results fast—reach goals in a fraction of the time, reduced stress, more time for what you love & spend your whole day in deep focus!


Flow State Mastery

In addition to explosive weekly growth towards your goals, you'll be trained in a range of flow state practices proven to elevate focus, memory & overall wellbeing. You'll become sharper, less stressed & more confident in your ability to deliver at your highest level with consistency every day.


Trainings, Challenges, Resources & More

Every week, in addition to your group coaching calls you will be given an immersive breadth of additional trainings & resources to ensure you master the art of peak performance. Then, you’ll receive personal challenges each week designed to make you uncomfortable & sky rocket your individual growth


What results should I expect from Life on Fire?

  • Total Clarity

    Clearly defined outcomes for life & business and an action plan to get there

  • 500% Increase in Productivity


    Stay in flow all day long with greater focus & attention, become bulletproof to distractions & get more done faster 

  • Elevated Confidence

    As you see exactly what needs to be done to make your dream a reality

  • More time for what you love


    Goodbye burnout, hello hobbies, passions & deep connection 

  • Happier & Healthier


    Master the daily practices to keep your mental & emotional baseline high so you are your best self for those you love

  • Massive Action

    This is not therapy, this is all about applying knowledge & stepping into discomfort daily for massive measurable results

  • Dissolve stress, overwhelm & fear

    Build the systems & mindset that block fear or worry from grabbing the driver seat. You’re in control now. 

"I never realized how much growth I was leaving on the table. Working with Delaney has gotten me into an absolutely fire routine. My energy is no longer scattered, and I'm spending an extra 1-2 hours a day focused on investing. This alone led to earning an extra $10,000 in a single week!"

Adam B, Medical Practitioner


"I had some resistance to joining this program at first, it seemed outside my comfort zone... but honestly it's been one of the greatest decisions I've ever made. It gave me the confidence to take the leap and buy my first home, I'm seeing career opportunities arise left & right, and it's all because I have the tools & self belief to put myself in winning situations"

Desiree M, Home Designer & Builder


Aside from taking productivity to new heights, the greatest thing I've learned has been learning to keep myself in a super high emotional state. I've realized that joy, gratitude & love are muscles we can train. I'm no longer in constant stress, and since working with Delaney I've acquired 2 more rental properties.

Alex W, Financial Analyst & Real Estate Investor


Life on Fire is for you if:

  • You’re a driven next-generation leader, with big aspirations to make an impact in the world who wants more time & energy to see tangible results, faster in your business, relationships, and personal growth


  • You’re tired of the ‘hustle & grind’ mentality, sacrificing your mental & emotional wellbeing for success and you want to elevate to a better, smarter way of living and working


  • Your success (and happiness) in life depend on your ability to balance a multitude of responsibilities across life & work (entrepreneurs, business leaders, knowledge workers)


  • You are committed to squeezing every drop out of this one shot at life, but you know that there’s room to step up your approach to mastering your day and you don't want to leave results on the table!

Here's what people say:

Graham, Chicago

Kathy, Denver

Stevie, Atlanta

How Do I Know Life on Fire Will Work For Me?

Life on Fire is based on leading Flow State research coming from Steven Kotler & the Flow Research Collective that has trained 250,000+ students, including the world top performers: NAVY Seals, Google Execs & Olympic Athletes to name a few

Delaney himself has been commissioned to speak on these practices at Fortune 5 firms to audiences of 600+




increase in skill acquisition for individuals in flow state


Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA


Increase in productivity in leaders who regularly tapped into flow state


McKinsey & Co


Increase in creative problem solving for subjects exposed to flow


University of Sydney

3 days

of elevated creativity following flow state activities


Harvard Research Study

Delaney uses his methodology with 25+ clients every month to reach 15+ hours of daily focused energy and has taught these principles at retreats all over the country. It’s proven to work. 



**Note, this is not a ‘magic pill’ solution and these results are not normal. This program is a tool, if you are willing to do the work, you will get exactly to where you want to be”*




Here's what others are saying about Delaney's leadership & training:


"Delaney has stepped into his leadership in such a powerful way. Seeing him transform himself & the lives of many makes me so happy. "

Tommy S, MasterMetabolic CEO


"Since meeting Delaney, every morning I'm meditating, taking cold showers & journaling. I feel so confident in who I'm becoming and it's showing in all areas of my life"

Jaileen Diaz, Insurance Claims Analyst

"Delaney is the real deal. Sure, he's young - but he's more consistent & has more life experience than nearly anyone in my circle... and I'm old."

Bob M, Hostel Du Nord CEO


"Absolute savage. Delaney embodies what it means to stay committed to himself & to his clients."

Shaemus C, Entrepreneur & Martial Artist


"POWERFUL program here. Delaney is someone who has created such abundance and beauty in his life. I'm continually inspired by his journey."

Alex N, Life Coach & Host of "Beyond the Veil" Podcast


"Before meeting Delaney, fear used to block me in every area of my life. Now, crushing my limiting beliefs has become a regular habit."

Harry B, Technology Solutions Architect

"Delaney helped me when I was in a real low point. Thanks to his frameworks I now have an incredible job and my anxiety is at an all time low."

Chase C, Senior Accounting Manager


More about Life on Fire:

A sneak-peak into your personal transformation into becoming unstoppable

Module 1: Lighting Yourself on FIRE

Module 2: Create Your Google Maps

Module 3: Build Your Power Systems

Module 4: Energy Audit

Module 5: Flow State Mastery Toolkit

Module 6: Be Your Own Batman (or Catwoman if you prefer)


FAQ on Life on Fire:

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About Delaney McGuire

Founder of Life on Fire

Delaney trains 25+ leaders every month in elevating productivity, focus, attention & wellbeing with flow state. Also, he shares these skills at retreats across the country and corporate workshops of 600+.


He is a certified Life Coach, Holistic Yoga Teacher & Breathwork Facilitator, and has a background in Corporate Management. Aside from formal trainings & client results, he pulls from rich experiences mentoring under NYT Best-Selling Authors, living with Yoga Gurus in India & traveling the US in a van for over a year. Delaney's achilles heel is ice cream. Any kind. Doesn't matter, he will find it and he will crush it :)

"Delaney is an incredible leader with determination and drive. You will not regret working with him."

Eric Bigger, TV Celebrity & Entrepreneur


"Delaney knows his stuff. I've always had deep internal drive, but he helped me really make big shifts in my self talk. I have more self love & joy in my life than ever before."

Steve Orosco, Former MMA Pro Fighter


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